Katrina Blannin

Born, lives and works: London, UK
Unit 4, Sara Lane Studios, 60 Stanway St, Hoxton, London N1 6RE





Katrina Blannin: Artist Statement

Forms are generated from drawings that always start with a grid, which provides the armature for the main structure. Lines are drawn from one corner to the other or from the centres. Sometimes grid squares are bisected. Symmetry and asymmetry are essential considerations. All the moves and decisions taken throughout the process are somehow repeated on the opposite side, whether they are mathematical or with regard to layers of colour and tone. The 'hexad', a grouping of six forms, has become the main protagonist. A set of rules by which to work by, a kind of methodology, is slowly evolving.

Working with a series of permutations, sequences or mirror images, rather than a single image, has generated ideas about movement. I would call it a kind of visual 'dance': choreography is at play. Recent emphasis has been on the tonal attributes of the resulting forms which circle the 'hexad', and which are rotated in sequence throughout the 'follow on' panels in a triptych, bringing an added complexity to the reading of the paintings. The rough open weave and texture of flax or hessian, and variation in layers of paint, is employed to create the necessary tonal shifts. Sharply coloured linear edges have allowed me to work with thinner washes and closer tones, and still retain structure in the composition – adding another element with which to extemporise.

Experimenting with systematic ways of working aims to produce paintings that look for logical clarity, spatial and material interest, and which ultimately work phenomenologically. Researching new visual propositions, together with re-examining historical colour theories is a process of asking new questions of and reflecting on early 'constructivist' and ‘modernist' concerns, in order to provide new possibilities.